& Dude Animal Buddies

Decorative Plant Stakes and Wine Bottle Stoppers

Cold Cast Bronze $39 /  Bronze $97

Dudes with Attitude Convention

 Dog Buddy Plant Stake 

IDoctor Dude Plant Stake at Work 

Animal Buddy Wine Stoppers

 Cool Dude

 Doctor Dude

 Gandhi Dude

Groucho Dude

 Harley Dude

 Helmet Dude

 Moe Dude

 Mohawk Dude

Mullet Dude

 Original  Dude

 Pope Dude

Professor Dude

Racer Dude

  Secret Agent Dude

 Speed Dude

 Hands or Paws 

$15 / Pair

Torso Holders 

for Plant Stakes & Wine Bottle Stoppers  $ 24 


Superman Dude

Business Suit

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